The Girl in the Red Coat

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Posted on: April 30, 2010

A new blog with all the exciting possibilities it may bring! Like buying a brand new notebook, along with the care that goes into choosing the perfect one, comes the various plans for how to fill it. Will it be a vessel for my innermost thoughts and dreams? A place to detail my day-to-day happenings? London adventures, music excitement and cooking tales?!

All of the above perhaps…

I’ll do my best to update regularly though. I’m a law student in London, just coming to the end of an intensive conversion course, and I thought it would be fun to have something to share the good things in life, the things that are bringing a smile to my face and that just maybe you’ll enjoy too. Besides, when your head’s in a textbook most of the time things can seem gloomier than they really are. I need to remind myself to look up at the sun and just breathe!

As for why this blog’s called ‘the girl in the red coat’…well, that’s another story for another time…

Care to join me in this new venture?


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Welcome to the blogging adventures of a 20-something London girl with a love of travelling, music and laughing with friends. Feel free to join me on my adventures! (.^_^)v

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