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sushi saturday

Posted on: May 1, 2010

This last week has been nightmarishly busy – my final piece of coursework was due on Wednesday and I still had my normal tutorial work to prepare for around it. I’ve been trying to be good with this course and not leave important assessments to the very last minute, but I also need the adrenalin in order to get through the work! I didn’t have a lot of the important writing to finish at the beginning of the week, just the checking-through to make sure it all flows logically but it’s surprising how long the contents and bibliography take to do in addition to this! Anyways, I managed to get it done, handed in AND attended all my usual sessions with the work read and prepared for.

When Friday afternoon came round though, I was tired, grouchy and just fit for bed – excellent company as you can probably imagine! One of my friends invited me over for a girls’ night-in which I had to turn down, for everyone’s sanity, and so we decided to go out for sushi and a movie today instead.

Having lived in Japan for four years, Japanese food has become like medicine to me…I need it on a fairly  regular basis! It’s not a bad thing, I guess, there are of course worse habits but it can be an expensive one  when living in London! I’m always on the look-out for places with that authentic, or as-close-to authentic,  taste as possible and I have a few favourite haunts. In fact, most of my favourite things to do in the city  definitely revolve around food…and cafés. Anywhere I can curl up with a good book and while away a few  hours or meet up with some close friends and be amazed at how quickly the time passes surrounded by delicious aromas and excellent conversation.

In fact, there’s a new café I want to visit at some point soon, I just need to find someone to drag to Hampstead with me…

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