The Girl in the Red Coat

Whitehaven Harbour

Posted on: May 10, 2010

I was up in the Lake District staying with a friend over the weekend, lucky enough to have gorgeous weather which was a perfect escape from studying and grim London. I’m back refreshed and ready to kick some revision butt over the next month, despite my freshly-cleansed lungs almost giving out after one breath of smoky air when the train doors opened at London Euston this evening.

S and I created ’30 things before 30′ lists, detailing (strangely enough!) 30 of the things we’d like to achieve before turning 30! I still have just over 2 years but should probably get started on some of them and this’ll be the perfect place to keep track of them! Will put my list up soon and let the adventure begin! (.^_^)v

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2 Responses to "Whitehaven Harbour"

Haha, it looks pretty in pictures…

It looked pretty in real life too!

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