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Posted on: May 16, 2010

Some of you reading this will know that recently, as a distraction from studying, I’ve taken to  planning my future  flat/cottage by the sea! It’s been suggested that I’m just being cruel to myself by  doing this because I am in no way  close to achieving this dream any time soon with the way this  course is eating up my savings and forcing me to sign  up for some rather terrifying loans. But I don’t  see that escapism is bad at all and besides, a little bit of imagination  and wistful planning now can  only help me in the future when I’m moving into and decorating a place that’s entirely  my own!

What would your dream place be like?

As much as I admire the sleek, modern, minimalist look I know that’s definitely not me and it would  take a lot to convince me otherwise. My cottage will be chic in its own cosy, vintage way – old china  tea cups in a dresser in the kitchen, an aga, a pantry, open fireplaces, luxurious double beds  with  heaps of cushions and colourful blankets. Yeah so money’s no object in these dreams, but a girl  can  dream right?!

The kitchen should be a large, light-filled room with  plenty of space for the family to sit around and  chat while sniffing the luscious cooking aromas wafting from the oven. There will be window seats to curl up and read in or simply gaze outside and dream, an attic room for its happy occupant to feel deliciously warm and cosy when lying in bed and listening to the rain pouring down outside and a wee garden full of flowers, fruit trees and stony winding paths leading to hidden nooks…

The daydreams also include the perfect mister to snuggle up with (and take the dogs out for a walk when it’s just too cold and miserable to leave the warmth of the house!) but alas he doesn’t fall into such easy categories as planning the rooms of a house and I don’t have an exact picture of him in my head just yet! Although that also allows one to dream a little…

Here are a couple of other images that have excited my imagination recently:

[Please note, none of these images are mine –  click the picture to be taken to the lucky owner  of the room in question!]

4 Responses to "Home Comforts"

I think escapism is wonderful 🙂 And I remember you talking about your ideal room before, and thinking that it`s awesome that you have a good idea of what you want.

In particular, I think the bay window with a window seat and the four-poster bed are lovely 😀 And they are going to be even more gorgeous when they are your own!

Thanks Ren, I think it’s wonderful too! Isn’t the window seat fabulous?! I’d love to curl up there with a good book on a lazy afternoon…

Hehe they definitely will be even more gorgeous when they’re mine…and you’ll definitely have to come and visit to see them for yourself!

Love all those pics…Every morning I spent time here :

there are some lovely apartments

Ooh there are some lovely places on there…I’ll enjoy spending some time browsing through all the fabulousness – thanks for the link!

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