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a wee exam break…

Posted on: June 1, 2010

This time next week I’ll have finished one exam (EC law – eep!) and will be nervously going over notes for the next day’s criminal exam. Well, considering it’s gone 1am here, I’ll probably actually be tossing and turning my way through some spectacular exam-based dreams. You name an exam nightmare and I’ve had it at some point over my academic life – running out of time, turning over the paper and not recognising a single question, turning up to the wrong exam, a dream in an entirely different language (studying French and Classics as an undergraduate, I was guaranteed the last one on a fairly regular basis during exam weeks).

So I’ll be away from here for a few weeks while I get these horrors out of the way. I’ve worked hard over this last year, just a few more weeks and then I shall be free from textbooks for two glorious months! I have a few things planned, which I’ll be sure to regale you all with here, but until then it’s trustees’ duties, negligence and leases, oh my!

I shall leave you with a picture that’s my desktop background at the moment as it magically inspires and makes me smile at the same time. It’s by a wonderful artist from Cambridge called Heidi Burton,  who draws and paints some really gorgeous fantastical images, as well as cute postcards that I want to buy but would then refuse to send to anybody because that would involve parting with them! Perhaps over the summer (when I’m free~!) I’ll give in… She has lots of tea-themed designs as well which I LOVE! Click the picture to be taken to Heidi’s site and you’ll find a link to her etsy page there for your viewing delight and purchasing delectation.

So until the middle of June…please keep your fingers crossed and think lucky thoughts over the next few weeks!

1 Response to "a wee exam break…"

Cute design!

Good luck with it all, I do not envy you one bit!

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