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Free! ♥

Posted on: June 18, 2010

The long-dreaded exams are finally over and life feels amazing again! They were tough, probably the most demanding exams I’ve ever sat and I think that probably all boils down to just how many cases and structures I had to physically memorise for a set of exams condensed into such a short period of time, but the feeling of euphoria as I finished yesterday…I don’t think I even felt that as strongly after my undergrad degree. Finished at last!

The last square has finally been crossed out:

Fear my course-condensed flashcards… S, do you remember all those orange paper clips you gave me a few years back? Well they’re almost entirely used now, but for a very useful cause!

These exams have been sponsored by a vast amount of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, music by The National which accompanied me to and from the exam hall each day (LOVE this song – and wonderful supportive friends…lots of love!

Here’s to a fabulous summer ahead! ♥

6 Responses to "Free! ♥"

YAY!! Congratulations on your well-earned freedom! (^_^)

Thank you! It’s blissful! (.^_^)v

Yay!!! That must be a great feeling!! And lookit how organised you are!

Now go do something mindless and fun!!

Haha I think it’s the Virgo in me…

I shall!

Congrats on finishing! Breathe an extra sigh of relief for me, too. Nothing feels as wonderful as school-related shackles being lifted… I’ll never forget the feeling of realizing when I was home in the evenings with nothing to do, I really had nothing to do! Or, more accurately, I could do what I wanted. Fabulous.

Thanks Meg!

It truly is an amazing feeling to be finished and able to take some time off at last…although last night I had another exam dream so my brain’s still not letting me rest completely yet!

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