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10 Things I Love Tuesday

Posted on: June 22, 2010

Inspired by this fabulous blog, which I have spent most of today browsing…

1. Holiday Research


I have a short holiday to Budapest booked in August and I cannot wait! Now that the revision is finished, let the holiday planning begin!

2. This glorious video

Which is now making me want to watch ‘500 Days of Summer’ again and shop for vintage dresses…

3. Receiving handwritten letters


4. Tea


5. Pre-Raphaelite paintings


6. The Doctor


Squee! There’s definitely something to be said for bowties and braces…

7. Converse sneakers


8. London Gigs

Most recently:

{Wild Beasts at Koko in Camden – source}

{Band of Horses at Koko – source}

Next up – Muse in September!

9. Window shopping



Being a student at the moment, I don’t have a lot of money to flaunt but that doesn’t stop me looking…and creating a deliciously naughtily long wishlist in my head…

10. Cute hairbands

{In fact, pretty much any hairband from Accessorize}

Hope you’ve all had (because it’s almost midnight here in London)/ are having wonderful Tuesdays!

4 Responses to "10 Things I Love Tuesday"

Yay for lovely things!

And would you mind if I steal this idea for another of my Days of the Week memes? (^_^)v

Go right ahead Mel! I got the idea from the blog linked above and thought it was really lovely!

I love tuesdays on La vie boston! Wonderful picks for your tuesday , love them

I actually discovered her site through a link on yours! 🙂 Thank you!

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