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Posted on: June 30, 2010

It’s been too long since I last went to a theme park but yesterday was spent doing just that! My cousin and his girlfriend are visiting from Australia at the moment so, together with my brother, we decided to head to Chessington World of Adventures for the day. Perfect timing with most of the kids still at school…although there were a surprising number of school trips there – I can’t remember ever getting a school trip to a theme park in my school days!

It was an amazing day, we didn’t have to queue for longer than 15 minutes (and that was just for two of the rides). Anyone who knows me in real life and, more importantly, has been to a theme park with me will be aware of just how much of a wuss I am but I can proudly say that I went on every ride! (Well, except two…but I have an irrational fear of log rides (no safety belts!) and refuse to be spun upside down (how is that fun?!)). So yes, everything else and I mean everything else – vampire ride (5 times!), the terrifying Kobra, Runaway Train, Rattlesnake, Bubbleworks, Monkey Swings, even the dodgems for some old-school charm.

Do you remember, back in my 30 before 30 post, that I decided it would be an amazing idea to get an adrenalin rush? Well, in a bid to try to cross something off that list, I went on the Dragon’s Fury ride (bottom left-hand corner of the collage above). Ahem, what a mistake that was. Allow me to set the scene. Dragon’s Fury looks like your average roller coaster ride with four-person cars  and which, according to the wonder that is wikipedia, reaches heights of 59ft and has a drop of 55ft. However! These four-person cars do not merely race round the tracks in a suitably adrenalin-fuelling way – they spin at the same time! In other rides that day, the vampire for example, or the aforementioned terrifying Kobra, which was a spinning platform travelling along a wavy track, I screamed myself hoarse quite merrily and the adrenalin rush afterwards was fantastic. On the Dragon’s Fury though, I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared in my entire life. Too scared even to scream. My brother found it hilarious, he was sitting beside me on the ride and apparently I gave a slight yelp when we started travelling upwards, then clamped my eyes shut and curled up as tightly as the limited space would allow. That’s not to say that I wasn’t proud of myself for doing it when I finally escaped from that hideous little vehicle but I think my shaking afterwards was more as a result of intense fear than adrenalin and wow, I am never doing that again!

Afterwards, I stood looking up at the ride so that I could take some photos and, as I was watching, one of the little cars on the highest track ground to a halt. A tinny voice was heard over the park intercom – “technical difficulties…shortly be on the move…” . My heart leapt into my mouth. Can you imagine?! I think I’d have done a lot more than the whimpering that was the soundtrack to my time on the ride if that was me stuck up there.

Still though, apart from the Dragon’s Fury, an amazing amazing day!

Next on my list of must-do (and more Cat-style) theme parks, who wants to join me for a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida?! If I start knitting my Ravenclaw scarf now, I might have saved enough money for the trip by the time it’s finished… Also, while we’re on the subject of Harry Potter, if you haven’t seen the new trailer for the Deathly Hallows yet just click this link here. I’m so excited!

4 Responses to "yesterday…"

We went to theme parks on school trips!

And I want to go to Harry Potter world but not for about a year til the queues get shorter!!

You did?! Wow…perhaps it was only my school that didn’t take us there!

Exaaactly, and it’ll probably take me that long (at least!) to start and finish my scarf 🙂

I would have a heart attack if I got stuck on a rollercoaster like that! Oh my goodness. You were very brave! I can’t deal with anything that goes upside-down. Makes me feel sick and terrified! But hey, at least you got to cross another item off your list? 🙂

I can’t wait to visit the “Harry Potter”-themed park in Florida! I’ve been to Disney World several times — a few in the summer — and I’m wise enough now to know not to venture down that way this time of year. It’s ridiculously hot and disgusting enough in D.C. as it is! 🙂

Yes indeed, and I’m so thankful that I can cross it off at last and never have to do it again!

Doesn’t it look great?! I completely agree that summer probably isn’t the best time to visit 🙂 I’m not a big fan of the heat either…and some of the photos I’ve seen show the village of Hogsmeade with snow-covered roofs which would look entirely too bizarre in the sweltering heat!

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