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10 Things I Love Tuesday

Posted on: July 6, 2010

Hi to anybody who’s found this blog via 20sb and without further ado, it’s time for a 10 Things Tuesday moment…

1. Old friends


Particularly the joy of long conversations with old friends who you haven’t spoken to in a little while but can pick up with exactly where you left off and it feels like you’re laughing the entire time.

(I was catching up with an old friend on the phone last night – good times 🙂 September will be 20 years of friendship, wows!)

2. Growing your own fruit and veggies

These are some of the things we’re growing in our garden at the moment.

Clockwise from the top left; courgettes, blueberries, beans, grapes.

Not pictured – spinach, strawberries, various herbs and tomatoes.

I can’t wait to taste them when they’re fully grown!

3. 30 Rock


I only recently started watching this show but I absolutely adore it already…and see way too much of myself in Liz Lemon, well in the moments when she says or does something excruciatingly embarrassing.

4. Sun-kissed freckles



I used to absolutely loathe my freckles and raided every old wives’ tale there is to try to find out how to get rid of them. Thankfully, the lemon juice didn’t work because now I think they’re kinda cute! Yay freckles!

5. Novels you can’t put down


6. Long fringes


Although mine is a little too long at the moment…

7. Organisation for the nation

Maybe it’s the Virgo in me but I absolutely adore organising things, be it in list form, notebooks, folders…just take a look at my post on finally finishing my summer exams to see my course summarised into notecard form.

I love Moleskine notebooks and I currently have one of their yearly planners but at the moment, I have an old-fashioned filofax at the very top of my wishlist. I have a couple of potential options that I’m deciding between and until then, I shall continue to salivate over the potential uses for the extra pockets, notepaper and planners that are included…Yum!


8. Heroes from Jane Austen’s novels

I included Mr Tilney twice because he’s my favourite of all Austen’s heroes. Why, you ask? Because he appreciates a good novel and has a real understanding of muslin. What more could a girl want?

9. Wise words



10. Treehouses

You can actually stay in one of these fabulous treehouses here. My inner child that was denied a treehouse is crying out for a visit…


What’s on your List o’ Loves this Tuesday?

8 Responses to "10 Things I Love Tuesday"

Mr. Tilney is one of my most favorite Austen heroes!

Isn’t he all kinds of fantastic?! Definitely the best 🙂

Oh boy, I share so many of your loves — especially Jane Austen’s heroes and “30 Rock”!

I see so much of myself in Liz Lemon, too — to the point that my coworker, who also loves the show, calls me “Lemon.” We quote Tracy Jordan’s antics on a daily basis! I even stopped by Rockefeller Center and took my picture with the “30 Rockefeller” address on a building in New York City last month! I found it randomly and was so excited!

Another Lemon! 😀 There are so many moments when I’m watching a show that I laugh (or wince) at how I would have done or said exactly the same thing as her!

I really wish I’d started watching the show before my visit to New York, I would have done exactly the same thing! I guess I’ll just have to go back at some point soon…

30 rock aka my personal curse! my colleagues make fun of me, they say I look like Tina Fey which I am not sure it’s a good or a bad thing
If you are into photography this is one of my favorite blog:

I think it’s definitely a good thing 🙂

Thank you so much for the link, I have bookmarked the site. There are some gorgeous shots on there, really inspirational. I’m definitely going to start taking more pictures more regularly.

Or novels that become your friend, so you don’t want to them end!

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