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Autumn is well and truly here in old London town. The evenings are drawing in earlier and the mornings are darker for longer, the warmth of the Tube isn’t as uncomfortable as it was a mere month ago and the pavements are covered in leaves and conkers (oh the school time memories!)

I’m not complaining though – I’m a big fan of cold weather and all the scarves, woolly hats and steaming hot drinks that it brings! Not a big fan of cold weather-induced colds though…I’m just getting over one at the moment, although that’s probably actually due to starting studying again. There’s some kind of connection between a new term, new students and streaming colds isn’t there?!

However, when I get a moment away from the books…there are a couple of cosy knitted creations I’ve had my eye on for a wee while that will be perfect for keeping me snug and warm as the weather gets even more wintery.



I also spotted these beautiful heels recently. I simply can’t justify buying them and they’re not in any way Autumn-related but they’re so cute!


Have you been internet window shopping recently?! Has anything in particular caught your eye? It’s a great distraction! Not that I really need any help with procrastination from my school work of course…



The bitterness of studying is better than the bitterness of ignorance – unknown.

It’s amazing how quickly the start of a new school year comes round again. On Thursday I went for my course induction and couldn’t believe that an entire year has passed since I nervously queued up to collect an enormous stack of law books and take my first tentative steps into a legal career. I remember thinking I couldn’t possibly get through and remember the quantity of information contained in the texts we were given, and now I can’t believe that I managed to. (But also can’t believe that I’ve also managed to forget so much over the course of a single summer!)

First day of classes tomorrow – wish me luck!



Posted on: September 1, 2010

I actually returned from Budapest over a week ago, but went straight into a week’s work experience, which kept me 800 different kinds of busy, and was then followed by a wonderful weekend seeing friends and celebrating my birthday! I can’t believe how quickly this summer has flown by, and what a fantastic summer it has been – fun with friends, rewarding grades, travel and even an unexpected romance! The last few months of 27 have been fabulous, here’s to an even better 28th year!

Without further ado then, here are some pictures I took in Budapest… It’s a fabulous city which I wholeheartedly recommend you to visit if you get the chance. Really tall, gorgeously-fronted buildings that you could easily imagine standing and being bombarded during the war. Heavy architecture and dark tree-lined streets with a few glowing lamps punctuating the darkness. Delicious food – paprika-spiced meats, pancakes, pastries. We were also lucky enough to visit during the St Stephen’s Day festival, when we watched the fireworks over the Danube and Chain Bridge surrounded by locals on a closed-off tram line.

{funicular railway up to the Castle District}

{eagle overlooking the city}

{view over the Danube and the Parliament building}

{Matyas Church}

{The Cave Church}

{Café Girbeaud}

{Beautiful during the day, but possibly even more beautiful at night}

{St Stephen’s Day is a national holiday, with fireworks over the Danube}

{the Central Marketplace}

{stairway down from the portico of St Stephen’s Basilica}



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