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Autumn’s well and truly here!

Posted on: September 29, 2010


Autumn is well and truly here in old London town. The evenings are drawing in earlier and the mornings are darker for longer, the warmth of the Tube isn’t as uncomfortable as it was a mere month ago and the pavements are covered in leaves and conkers (oh the school time memories!)

I’m not complaining though – I’m a big fan of cold weather and all the scarves, woolly hats and steaming hot drinks that it brings! Not a big fan of cold weather-induced colds though…I’m just getting over one at the moment, although that’s probably actually due to starting studying again. There’s some kind of connection between a new term, new students and streaming colds isn’t there?!

However, when I get a moment away from the books…there are a couple of cosy knitted creations I’ve had my eye on for a wee while that will be perfect for keeping me snug and warm as the weather gets even more wintery.



I also spotted these beautiful heels recently. I simply can’t justify buying them and they’re not in any way Autumn-related but they’re so cute!


Have you been internet window shopping recently?! Has anything in particular caught your eye? It’s a great distraction! Not that I really need any help with procrastination from my school work of course…


3 Responses to "Autumn’s well and truly here!"

Ooh! I like the hat!

Oh yeah, and I’ve started dabbling in WordPress. Not using the LuxVesperis blog just yet, but got another project in the works. (^_^)

Isn’t it cute? 🙂

Ooh so you have…can’t wait to hear about what this up-coming project is!

I love those hats!

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