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Primrose Hill

Posted on: October 2, 2010

Today the mister and I went for a walk from Camden to Hampstead Heath via Primrose Hill. You can see the route we basically walked along below. It’s not the map we used but shows you the area of London we were in, and if you follow the link below you can find details of the area and a walking tour if you’re around London and have a few hours to spare!


It wasn’t the most beautiful of days (weather-wise!) but was very English – grey, overcast and drizzly – but it was still a fantastic day. There were lots of people out walking and spending time with families and loved ones in both parks. One father, recognising that the gusty autumn day was perfect for kite-flying, was on Primrose Hill with his three kids. Not that they got a look-in where the kite was concerned though! It was such a cute scene, I had to take a picture! 🙂 Hopefully he let them have a turn soon after!

From the top of Primrose Hill you can see a lot of the City of London spread out below. Even with today’s misty weather I could see St Paul’s, the Gherkin and the Millennium Wheel. I do love this city – not many capital cities have so many gorgeous green spaces. The walk took us through lots of different residential areas too, past some gorgeous listed buildings, houses with blue plaques showing famous historical figures who once lived there and some quirky shops and cafés, with delicious-looking cupcakes and pastries in the windows. It was a struggle not to buy something in each and every one!

So, what’s the perfect way to end a walk like this, on a cold autumn’s day? Why, cosying up in a café for a few hours with lots of tea, talking and planning of future trips…and that’s exactly what we did!

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4 Responses to "Primrose Hill"

I still love days like this. Especially when they end with cuddling. 🙂

I hope I never stop loving them – long may they last! 🙂

London seems like such a great place to live!

It’s a fantastic city and so much fun to live in!

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