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This Christmas was just what I needed – fun, cosy and restful, despite falling ill almost as soon as term ended. Lots of time with some of my most favourite people, a Christmas ballet, lots of delicious mulled drinks in front of roaring fires and baking of Christmassy treats. It was also a Christmas of firsts – the first with my boyfriend and the first time I’ve ever received a Christmas card as part of a couple. You may laugh, but for once (and unexpectedly even to me) I didn’t react like a panicked Chandler Bing…it was a wonderful feeling!

I hope you all had a fabulous time, however you were celebrating.

Now to start planning some New Year’s Resolutions…


We’re enjoying truly gorgeous weather here in London at the moment…well, I use the word ‘we’ in the loosest possible terms because I am unfortunately sitting at my desk indoors most of the day, surrounded by note cards, textbooks and pens, and staring longingly out at the sunshine. I do occasionally manage to escape into the back garden with a cool drink and my sunglasses though – a girl needs a break sometimes!

I love our garden, it’s looking beautiful at the moment, is so peaceful during the week and if I sit still long enough, there are a few birds that feel quite at home hopping about on the lawn and splashing around in the bird bath. They’re very camera shy…but I’m determined to catch them on film one day!

♥ spring ♥

Posted on: May 3, 2010

Only a quick post, but these daffodils looked so gorgeous sunning themselves on the kitchen table in the evening light that I had to snap a few pictures!


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