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The bitterness of studying is better than the bitterness of ignorance – unknown.

It’s amazing how quickly the start of a new school year comes round again. On Thursday I went for my course induction and couldn’t believe that an entire year has passed since I nervously queued up to collect an enormous stack of law books and take my first tentative steps into a legal career. I remember thinking I couldn’t possibly get through and remember the quantity of information contained in the texts we were given, and now I can’t believe that I managed to. (But also can’t believe that I’ve also managed to forget so much over the course of a single summer!)

First day of classes tomorrow – wish me luck!



Posted on: September 1, 2010

I actually returned from Budapest over a week ago, but went straight into a week’s work experience, which kept me 800 different kinds of busy, and was then followed by a wonderful weekend seeing friends and celebrating my birthday! I can’t believe how quickly this summer has flown by, and what a fantastic summer it has been – fun with friends, rewarding grades, travel and even an unexpected romance! The last few months of 27 have been fabulous, here’s to an even better 28th year!

Without further ado then, here are some pictures I took in Budapest… It’s a fabulous city which I wholeheartedly recommend you to visit if you get the chance. Really tall, gorgeously-fronted buildings that you could easily imagine standing and being bombarded during the war. Heavy architecture and dark tree-lined streets with a few glowing lamps punctuating the darkness. Delicious food – paprika-spiced meats, pancakes, pastries. We were also lucky enough to visit during the St Stephen’s Day festival, when we watched the fireworks over the Danube and Chain Bridge surrounded by locals on a closed-off tram line.

{funicular railway up to the Castle District}

{eagle overlooking the city}

{view over the Danube and the Parliament building}

{Matyas Church}

{The Cave Church}

{Café Girbeaud}

{Beautiful during the day, but possibly even more beautiful at night}

{St Stephen’s Day is a national holiday, with fireworks over the Danube}

{the Central Marketplace}

{stairway down from the portico of St Stephen’s Basilica}


Life has been pretty non-stop recently – between work experience and spending time with friends and my boy, I’ve barely been at home. Not that I’d have it any other way. This is good busy, unlike the constant textbook-filled business of a few months ago.

In fact, let me show you a picture that sums up the last few weeks…

I know, sickening isn’t it?! But don’t you just love it when you stumble across something that magically expresses how you’re currently feeling so perfectly? It’s by a fantastic artist called Neil Slorance who has a whole host of gorgeous drawings and doodles on both his blog and his flickr. Do check him out if you get a chance!

The next few weeks will continue to be busy – lots of plans this week and then am going on a short trip to Budapest next week, which I am unbelievably excited about! If anybody has any tips from previous trips to Hungary, please do share them!

Meanwhile, here are a few things that have caught my eye or made me smile recently that I’ve been looking forward to sharing you. Not quite a 10 Things Tuesday entry, but almost!

♥ Bonding over favourite songs


♥ Lazy breakfasts, while relaxing with a book


♥ Looking forward to Autumn, and digging my red coat out of my wardrobe


♥ This print


♥ Lawyers with a sense of humour


Hope you’re all doing well!

I did it!

Posted on: July 28, 2010


My exam grades were released yesterday – I passed the Graduate Diploma in Law with a commendation grade (and only 3 measly points away from a distinction!)!

Here’s to the rest of an amazing summer and next year’s studies – I hope you’ll continue reading ♥


So…I had a first date on Friday night which went wonderfully well but I don’t want to jinx it by saying anything else apart from that I’m seeing him again this week and have been smiling like a soppy teenager all weekend. (Please keep your fingers crossed!)

So instead of rambling, I’d like to share something which I read a while ago and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to post and well, after Friday night, it seemed apt right about now! (Also because I am 800 different kinds of excited about the new series of Mad Men, which I believe is due to air in the UK in Autumn?)

A Letter to Men by Christina Hendricks –

We love your body. If we’re in love with you, we love your body. Your potbelly, everything. Even if you’re insecure about something, we love your body. You feel like you’re not this or that? We love your body. We embrace everything. Because it’s you.

Speaking of your body, you don’t understand the power of your own smell. Any woman who is currently with a man is with him partly because she loves the way he smells. And if we haven’t smelled you for a day or two and then we suddenly are within inches of you, we swoon. We get light-headed. It’s intoxicating. It’s heady.

We remember forever what you say about the bodies of other women. When you mention in passing that a certain woman is attractive — could be someone in the office, a woman on the
street, a celebrity, any woman in the world, really — your comment goes into a steel box and it stays there forever. We will file the comment under “Women He Finds Attractive.” It’s not about
whether or not we approve of the comment. It’s about learning what you think is sexy and how we might be able to convey it. It’s about keeping our man by knowing what he likes.

We also remember everything you say about our bodies, be it good or bad. Doesn’t matter if it’s a compliment. Could be just a comment. Those things you say are stored away in the steel
box, and we remember these things verbatim. We remember what you were wearing and the street corner you were standing on when you said it.

Never complain about our friends — even if we do. No matter how many times we say a friend of ours is driving us crazy, you are not to pile on. Not because it offends us. But because it adds to the weight that we carry around about her.

Remember what we like. When I first started dating my husband, I had this weird fascination with the circus and clowns and old carnival things and sideshow freaks and all that. About a month after we started dating, he bought me this amazing black-and-white photo book on the circus in the 1930s, and I started sobbing. Which freaked him out. I thought, Oh, my God, I mentioned this three or four weeks ago and talked about it briefly, but he was really listening to me. And he actually went out and researched and found this thing for me. It was amazing.

We want you to order Scotch. It’s the most impressive drink order. It’s classic. It’s sexy. Such a rich color. The glass, the smell. It’s not watered down with fruit juice. It’s Scotch. And you ordered it.

Stand up, open a door, offer a jacket. We talk about it with our friends after you do it. We say, “Can you believe he stood up when I approached the table?” It makes us feel important. And it makes you important because we talk about it.

No shorts that go below the knee. The ones almost like capri pants, the ones that hover somewhere between the kneecap and the calf? Enough with those shorts. They are the most embarrassing pants in the world. They should never be worn. No woman likes those.

Also, no tank tops. In public at least. A tank top is underwear. You’re walking around in your underwear. Too much.

No man should be on Facebook. It’s an invasion of everyone’s privacy. I really cannot stand it.

You don’t know this, but when we come back from a date, we feel awkward about that transition from our cute outfit into sexy lingerie. We don’t know how to do this gracefully. It’s embarrassing. We have to find a way to slip into another room, put on the outfit as if it all happened very easily, and then come out and it’s: Look at me! Look at the sexy thing I’ve done! For you, it’s the blink of an eye. It’s all very embarrassing. Just so you know.

Panties is a wonderful word. When did you stop saying “panties”? It’s sexy. It’s girlie. It’s naughty. Say it more.

About ogling: The men who look, they really look. It doesn’t insult us. It doesn’t faze us, really. It’s just — well, it’s a little infantile. Which is ironic, isn’t it? The men who constantly stare at our breasts are never the men we’re attracted to.

There are better words than beautiful. Radiant, for instance. It’s an underused word. It’s a very special word. “You are radiant.” Also, enchanting, smoldering, intoxicating, charming, fetching.

Marriage changes very little. The only things that will get a married man laid that won’t get a single man laid are adultery and whores. Intelligence and humor (and your smell) are what get you laid. That’s what got you laid when you were single. That’s what gets you laid when you’re married. Everything still works in marriage: especially intelligence and humor. Because the sexiest thing is to know you.

Do you agree? Would you add anything to this list/take something away?

Are you as excited as I am about the new series of Mad Men?!


Have a lovely week! ♥


Hever Castle

Posted on: July 20, 2010

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I spent a blissful day on Sunday wandering around the gorgeous Hever Castle in Kent – the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. After a chilly start,  the sun shone gloriously all day. There was an extra special reason for this trip – one of my best friends will be getting married at Hever this time next year and she wanted to show me the place in (hopefully) similar weather.

The castle itself is quite small and almost a mix of Tudor-style interspersed with 1920s-style rooms, from when Hever was bought and lived in by the Astor family. I loved it though and pictured myself in Tudor dress sitting in one of the window seats with a book or some embroidery, gazing out onto the moat and lawns below. In fact, I only recently read ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ so had no problem at all revisiting the scenes set at Hever and picturing them through Anne’s eyes…not in too much detail though, that’s one historical figure I would rather not be!

The gardens are stunning – the usual elaborately-kept lawns and shaped trees and hedges, along with little ‘secret’ gardens filled with beautifully-scented roses, statues of mythical figures and fish-filled ponds. There were also two mazes – one traditional maze and the other a water maze. The water maze was particularly fun because, while you were trying to get to the fort in the centre, some of the paths you crossed were booby-trapped and fired water up at you if you stepped on them. I was going round with my friends, a little ahead of them, when a young boy stepped out into my path. I knew that the step ahead was rigged in a certain place and was hoping not to get caught by it but, having a younger brother and a whole horde of younger male cousins, I knew exactly what this kid was planning to do and he knew I knew too. He grinned, I leapt, he stamped down on the square and yep, water flew all the way up my back. Little boys eh! Well, we both had a good laugh about it and the sunny weather dried me off quickly so no harm done!

I’ll stop talking now and show you some more pictures. There was some kind of event going on that day as well so there were people dressed in Tudor outfits wandering around, dancing, jousting and practising archery in the grounds. Definitely worth a visit if you’re ever this side of the world!

Okies, I think I’m going to make some coffee now to ward off the mid-morning sleepiness – we were evacuated from our house late last night because of a suspicious vehicle in the adjoining street. Thankfully it was a false alarm (or at least the problem was solved quite speedily – they didn’t tell us either way), the night was warm and we didn’t have to wait around for too long. It certainly brought the neighbours together though, the good-old ‘Blitz Spirit’ is still alive and well in London town!


Posted on: July 17, 2010

So I’ve mostly been working on applications over the last few days (never fun but hopefully they’ll be worth it in the end!) but this weekend is full of fun to make up for days spent in front of the computer trying to think of innovative ways to answer questions to appeal to these firms, who no doubt will have to work their way through hundreds (even thousands) of similar answers…

Today I went for Mexican food (tequila, chicken enchilada and churros, oh my!) and saw Inception in the BFI Imax. Are you planning to see this movie? If not, why not?! Go and book tickets now! Seriously. I don’t want to say much about it because I truly think that you should go and watch it knowing as little as possible beforehand. I’d only watched the trailer and that left me feeling a little confused but also so keen to see it and I was not disappointed.

A complicated but enjoyably-complicated plot, an outstanding cast, gorgeous visuals – I think it’s the best film I’ve seen in a long time. I’d like to go again please! And if you need a little more convincing, I present the rather delicious Joseph Gordon Levitt who is part of the aforementioned outstanding cast…


See, I told you you’d want to see it ♥

Tomorrow, I’m going here:

{Hever Castle}

Speaking of which, I’d better make sure my camera battery’s charged and ready…I have an early start to get over to my friend’s for 9 for the long drive ahead…

Before I sign off, I thought I’d share some cute images that I’ve loved over the last few days, images which have made me want to take out my sketchpad and paints. Perhaps when these applications are finished…



Have a lovely weekend!



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